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Construction of Airwoods HVAC Oversea Department New Office

2019-03-22 Source:

The new office of Airwoods HVAC is being under construction in Guangzhou Tiana Technology Park. The building area is about 1000 square meter, including the office hall, three meeting rooms with small, medium and large size, general manager office, accounting office, manager’s office, fitness room, canteen and show room.

HVAC Oversea Department

The air conditioning system using GREE VRV Air conditioner plus two units of HOLTOP Fresh Air Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit. Each HOLTOP FAHU supply fresh air in half of the office, with airflow of 2500m³/h per unit. The PLC control system drive the EC fan to high efficiency supply fresh air continuously in the office hall with lowest electric power consumption. Fresh air for rooms of meeting, fitness, canteen etc can be independently supply when necessary by the drive of electric damper and PLC thus to minimized the running cost. In addition, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality with three probes: temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide and PM2.5.


HVAC Oversea Department HVAC Oversea Department

Airwoods as a professional solution supplier of central air conditioning system. Not only provides high efficiency, low power consumption HVAC solutions and services for customers, but also pays attention to the protection of employees’ physical and mental health, creating a comfortable and fresh office environment for employees and visiting customers.

HVAC Oversea Department

Welcome to visit our new office!

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