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Cleanroom Equipment

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  • Laboratory Storage Cabinet

    AIRWOODS supplies different kinds of laboratory storage cabinet series, including reagent cabinet(drug cabinet), utensil cabinet, air cylinder cabinet, locker, sample cabinet and filing cabinet, etc.

  • Clean Room Fume Hood

    Clean Room Fume Hood effectively and partially protects the product users and other laboratory people from the harm of chemical reagents and other harmful substances.

  • Aluminum-Wood Laboratory Bench

    The aluminum profile surface of big frame structure aluminum-wood laboratory bench has been static powder coated, featuring corrosion-resistance, fire-resistance and moisture-resistance, etc.

  • Steel-Wood Laboratory Bench

    Steel-Wood Laboratory Bench is of good load bearing capacity, strong independence and ease of maintenance when used to hang wood cabinet.

  • All Steel Laboratory Bench

    The cabinet body of All Steel Laboratory Bench is meticulously made with quality cold-roled steel sheets through a series of complex processes of shearing, bending, welding, pressing and burnishing and through epoxy powder corrosion-resista…

  • Negative Pressure Weighing Booth

    Negative pressure weighing booth is a local clean equipment, which is mainly applied in pharmaceutical proportioning weighing and sub-packing to prevent medical powder from spreading or raising, so as to avoid inhalation harm for human body…

  • Laminar Pass-box

    Laminar pass-box is used for occasions of restrict cleanliness control, such as Center for Decease Prevention, bio-pharmaceuticals, scientific research institution. It is a separation device to prevent cross contamination of air between cle…

  • Vertical Flow Clean Bench

    The vertical air clean bench adopts the form of air flow in the purification principle of vertical one-way flow, which integrates the low-noise centrifugal fan, static pressure case and high efficiency filter into a single unit structure.

  • Horizontal Flow Clean Bench

    This is kind of local air clean bench with stronger versatility, which is broadly applicable to the industries such as electronics, national defense, precise instrument, meter and pharmacy.

  • Electronic Lock Pass Boxes

    Pass boxes are often seen in sterile laboratories, electronics manufacturing. hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, food and beverage production facilities, and many other clean manufacturing and research environments.

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