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GMP stand for Good Manufacture Practice guidelines have been developed by a variety or governmental and regulatory bodies for a variety of industries specially in pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries to ensure consumer and employee health and safety. We can provide customized solutions for customers to meet the requirements of hygienic quality in terms of clean room construction, raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control and other aspects in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, and form a set of operational norms to help customers improve the hygienic environment and discover question which existing production process in time.

Application Scenes

  1. Pharmaceutical Factory
  2. Medical Apparatus Factory
  3. Food Factory
  4. Cosmetics Plant
  5. Hospital Central Supply Room

Key Feature

By customizing solutions, cooperating with purifying air conditioning units and building materials conforming to GMP standards, we can provide customers with complete and reliable clean room production process plan, help customers meet the industry standards and requirements of the government and relevant units, and realize safe production operation.

1. Strict floor layout process
2. Strict indoor environment requirements: decoration quality, air quality, cleanliness, temperature and humidity, aseptic environment, pressure gradient, noise, etc.
3. Some GMP workshops have low-humidity process production requirements, which require a rotary dehumidifier, which requires high energy consumption.
4. Strict production management process




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